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aiOpsis Recruitment

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A recruitment post from aiOpsis.


aiOpsis is a software development startup building a modular productivity management suite. We also take on interesting outsourcing projects, with a few in the pipeline.
We’re looking for a web development generalist: frontend developer with experience in web design, plus points for copywriting-level English proficiency.
The job can be full-time or contract based, we’re open to either option, but lean more towards full-time.
This position can lead to, well, a “lead position”, as we keep growing our team.
It’s fully remote, BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer)
We’re mostly asynchronous: choose your own hours, your own days. Our only requirement: General availability between 18:00 and 22:00 Beirut time on most week days.
There’s ~5 of us currently on the team, we’re all technical people, on the techy/nerdy side of things.
We’re looking for someone to solo handle frontend development. Paul, one of the co-founders, and the person writing this (hello!), has been kind of taking care of this, but I’m looking for someone much better than me to take over so I can focus on other things.

How the process will go

aiOpsis recruitment process diagram.jpg
aiOpsis recruitment process diagram.pdf

Setting expectations:

We are offering a competitive-ish salary for this position, roughly within 1k$ → 2.5k$ per month.
We’re a Lebanese startup currently operating in Lebanon. One of the co-founders recently moved to the US, and is setting up business there, so in a few months we’ll be more in-line with the higher end of remote job salaries.

Need to get in touch?

Please get in touch through whichever way got you here, or email us at

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