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Job Description


Ideal experience / background

Equivalent of 3-5 years of frontend development experience.
We use Vue/Nuxt, TS mostly, bonus points if you already have the experience.
Bonus points for experience in (or passion for) building modular and customizable web components, like a mini version of a UI component library.
Have knowledge, experience, and interest in web design.
Experience in designing websites, ideally have 2-3 of your designs or things that you’ve significantly uplifted that you can share with us during the interview or in your application form.
A real world example that can happen: We’re on a call, discussing the design of a new page on a client’s website, we’ll grab screenshots from Pinterest and other places, draft a quick layout on Figma, and then you can integrate it in the rest of the website’s design without needing a polished design file to execute upon it.
Bonus points for each of the following: Ability to put a website’s design together from scratch, maybe create a component library that we can reuse; proper understanding of layouts, and when it’s best to use what; typefaces and their hierarchies (size, color...); colors, to be extracted from brand palette for example and used in different shades in the designs; etc...
Bonus points for:
Ability to interface with clients and gather requirements, especially on design comments / feedback, ideally leading such meetings.
Copywriting-level English proficiency, to assist in polishing content we receive from clients, and help with creating our own copy, and such things generally. Not a main part of the job, obviously.
P.S. Please apply if you believe you have an equivalent edge for what we need, instead of the specific traits above, knowing that Paul can mostly cover for copywriting and creating rough designs.

Skills (as a benchmark):

Skills, technical:

Solid principles
Job specific:
Vue, Nuxt, Pinia (our go-to stack)
TailwindCSS (pretty much mandatory)
Typescript (mostly)

Skills, design:

Attention to detail
Proper understanding of web design concepts, such as layouts, typeface hierarchies, white spaces, etc...
A decent understanding of color theory, and ability to pick typefaces that fit their usecase, and such things...
Ability to maintain a tidy and well-structured design file (layers, naming conventions, etc...)
Job specific:
We’re not Adobe fans, although we feel stuck with Figma for the timebeing.
We work with freelance designers and have partnership with a design agency. We need the design skills so you could communicate with stakeholders, and intervene where necessary or even take certain decisions without being bottlenecked by the availability of external team members.

Skills, soft:

English proficiency, both spoken and written.
You’re open minded, a team player but also independent with your work, flexible, and can commit.
The human side.
We’re very friendly, joke around sometimes, yet serious and professional when we need to be.
We’re looking for someone who’s independent, can work well asynchronously, and takes responsibility for their work and outcomes. We will not baby sit, we will not middle manage, not now or ever.
We’re a startup.
There’s room for significant growth at the stage we’re in, or we can go out of business in 6 months. We like our odds, and are looking for someone to further boost them.
We can experience some chaos every now and then, it’s part of the game. We do our best to keep things stress-free and fun, but shit happens sometimes and it’s on all of us to clean it up.
Ready to fill in for other roles and assist with things outside the direct job description if ever required, at least until we fill in the gaps.

Want to apply?

If you like the above and feel like you’re a fit, we’re excited to learn more about you!
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